I would like to take an opportunity to say Thank you, for all that you have accomplished in your journey and open doors for my family and I. Your accomplishments spreads thoughout the community. Mr. Yon is a person who dreams larger and believes that all things are possible. In order to become apart of Mr.Yon dreams,you has to put a plan together and seek it consistently with Mr. Yon assistance. As the journey begins there will be obstacles, set backs and even bumps in the road. In the mist of your journey we are able to see the beginning and the end but no one ever informed us what is in the middle. Mr. Yon  who is always pushing, planning, implenting greatness and never expecting less. So with that said I again say Thank you for paving a way for my family and I to be successful, believing, trusting and the impartation of I can do all things through Jesus Christ who strenghens me.